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Spawn #272 cover. by duster132 Spawn #272 cover. :iconduster132:duster132 1,456 84 RWBY - We fight together as one! by jkphantom9 RWBY - We fight together as one! :iconjkphantom9:jkphantom9 170 30 World of Remnant style Ruby vs. Neopolitan by Lightning-in-my-Hand World of Remnant style Ruby vs. Neopolitan :iconlightning-in-my-hand:Lightning-in-my-Hand 240 7 World of Remnant style Yang vs. Mercury by Lightning-in-my-Hand World of Remnant style Yang vs. Mercury :iconlightning-in-my-hand:Lightning-in-my-Hand 182 19 Pergrine Falcon by Parides Pergrine Falcon :iconparides:Parides 381 22 Clone War by LivioRamondelli Clone War :iconlivioramondelli:LivioRamondelli 3,041 337 Fall and Rise by JohnathanChong Fall and Rise :iconjohnathanchong:JohnathanChong 223 22
The Representative: RWBY Male Reader x Yang CH 2
Hey Everybody!!!!! This is Chapter 2 of "The Representative" Please comment! I'm open to suggestions if you have any!
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with RoosterTeeth animations, and make no legal claims to RWBY or the featured cover art.
Chapter 2: Here We Are…
Professor Ozpin closed the assembly and turned to my team, motioning for us to gather around him. He spoke to us softly. “Go. Mingle with your classmates.”
“Mingle?” Skyler repeated.
“Yes. Mingle,” Ozpin confirmed. “Do not alienate yourselves from your peers because of your position; rather, it should motivate you to involve yourselves even more fully with them. Let them get to know you. Let them see you as normal students. As they do so, they will begin to see in you what I and the other headmasters see. They will see not only your skills and power, but
:iconshowoff247:Showoff247 34 2
COMMISSION :Bruce Castille - Becoming the Bull by jadenkaiba COMMISSION :Bruce Castille - Becoming the Bull :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 204 208 Army of the Apes by HawkeyeWong Army of the Apes :iconhawkeyewong:HawkeyeWong 184 37 Rwby - Penny Polendina by Emperial-Dawn Rwby - Penny Polendina :iconemperial-dawn:Emperial-Dawn 74 3 Rwby - Velvet Scarlatina by Emperial-Dawn Rwby - Velvet Scarlatina :iconemperial-dawn:Emperial-Dawn 90 0 RWBY - Pyrrha Nikos by Emperial-Dawn RWBY - Pyrrha Nikos :iconemperial-dawn:Emperial-Dawn 82 13 GD yang by shami-heart GD yang :iconshami-heart:shami-heart 861 110
RWBY: Neo X Male Faunus : Not a word! (1/2)
You're a Buck (Deer Faunus) You've been roaming everywhere for food and scraps your whole life.  You're parents were killed in a White Fang raid in a small village, and you didn't want anything to do with them after they killed your parents... But, when you're at your lowest point... we're open to the biggest change... so when you were saved by a member of the White Fang before a human beat the shit out of you, and took the rest of your antlers  (You got most of your antlers cut off, so you have small, but sharp horns basically)  you decided to join the White Fang... You were 12...
White Fang Admin: We'll find her sir! I swear on my life!
Adam: Forget it, It's time I head back to Mistral an-
Adam and the Admin heard gunshots and screams from outside.  They come out of the tent, only to see the rest of the White Fang members beaten to a pulp... Well, except you, you were standing close to the tent, coming to Adam's side.
(y/n): What'
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 78 8
Avengers: Infinity War fan-made poster #3 by DarthDestruktor Avengers: Infinity War fan-made poster #3 :icondarthdestruktor:DarthDestruktor 156 19



Here is the Team LEAF silhouette ending created by a very talented deviant

Thank you Honokacchi
Took a trip to the islands and met a very friendly vagabond in the water :)
Team LEAF (Timeskip)
My rendition of how my RWBY oc team would look during Vol 4. Do enjoy.
Blossoming Tree
Even in the coldest of days, the worse of times, life always finds a way to grow and prosper again. There's something poetic about that.
It's been a while since I wrote one of these but people are favoriting my oc's more and more. I couldn't be happier :) even better i now have watchers.


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